Describing an Event Essay

Describing an Event Essay

Sport is a part of our life… you can say that it is ordinary words. But many people were a part of incredible athletic event on July 28 in Detroit. It was dancing program as a component of AAU Junior Olympic Games. People like not only professional sport, but they are also interested in amateur sport. And they had an excellent possibility to be a part of AAU Junior Olympic Games. Sporting events are popular nowadays and stadiums collect thousands of people to look different athletic matches. Amateur Athletic Union has an aim to involve people in for sports and help them to realize their dreams. The AAU Junior Olympic Games are the competition held annually by the US Amateur Athletic Union. It has a long history and took beginning from 1967, when first AAU Junior Olympic Games were open on August 21 in downtown Washington, D.C. at the Departmental Auditorium on Constitution Avenue. It was a good idea to create such competition and give an opportunity to young people to take part in different sporting events.

As you know, the AAU is one of the largest, volunteer, non-profit, sports organizations in the country. The AAU philosophy is shared by many people and it is concluded in phrase: “Sports for ALL, Forever”. Programs offered by the AAU have many directions and among them AAU Sports Program, AAU Junior Olympic Games, AAU James E. Sullivan Memorial Award and the AAU Complete Athlete Program. On July 28, 2008 every person, who visited event could by own eyes see AAU Junior Olympic Games participants and their fight for the first place. It was bright and tense action.

Dancing competition began at 11:00 with introductions, general meeting and Dance Opening Ceremonies. The participation in all competitions was open for all dance couples who wished to. All participants were in good shape and in good mood too. They demonstrated different dance programs and were proud that they participated in famous dancing competition. It was many commentaries from the observers’ side, but they were not full of critical remarks, they were full of only good and warm words. People worried about their favorite dancers and tried to support them by loud applause. Among rooters there were people of different ages, but the most part of rooters consisted of youth. Youth is interested in sporting events and tried to be a similar with their idols in sport.

Dance is not only a kind of sport competition, but also an art. Sporting dances are surprisingly harmonious combination of art and sport, physical and spiritual perfections. From the ancient times dance is the richest type of creation, reflecting all beauties of the world, which a man can demonstrate without words, using the language of body only. For getting to the wonderful world of the dance it was not nearly necessarily to go out on parquet, it was enough to visit competition and received a big pleasure from one of the brightest events in cultural and sporting life of America. Young participants shown their best and it was really interesting to look after them. Boys and girls of course were little bit nervous during competition, but all of them were wonderful. After the end even judges said that all participants had good dancing shape and it was hard for them to choose the best couple and single dancers. Winners of dancing competition in all age-specific categories and nominations received medals, prizes and costly presents, and we could see their happy faces and smiles. It was one of the first steps in maybe big dance career and many young people have done it fittingly.

AAU Junior Olympic Games is an important sport event. It helps to burn new stars in sport and finds the most talented youth. The Junior Olympic Games is not only sport, but also education, advancement of Olympic values and decision of social questions. Such competitions help to unite the best young sportsmen of the country and give them a possibility to open their talent and show their skills. Going in for sports and participating in competitions help to form character, personality and discipline, also it helps to become more confidence in itself and self-esteem. Physical activity and physical shape give to person important advantages in health area and as our participants shown us they can be an example for imitations not only for youth, but even for grown-up people.

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