American Revolution Essay

American Revolution Essay

The war is the most terrible invention of human evil genius. I guess, no human can see so much horror as I have seen during the war. Nevertheless, I believe this war is a just war since I struggle for my country, for my family, my parents, and my beloved. However, frankly speaking I would readily move westward, far to the Prairies to escape from this war, which has already taken so many lives of friends of mine, who were ordinary American soldiers as I am. Unfortunately, I cannot escape from the war because I am a soldier and I have to serve to my country, to my people, even though this country does not exist yet. But I struggle on since I fight for my future and I hope that my children will never fights as I do because, if Americans win no single ruler can force them to fight anymore, to die purposelessly anymore, to get injuries anymore.

This war is terrible, but I am conscious that this is the war I cannot ignore not only because I am a soldier but also because I have chosen freedom and independence and I am going to fight in the American army till the last day of this war. However, sometimes, I think that freedom and independence do not really worth all those deaths and severe injuries thousands people have already got and thousands will get until this war will be over. I do not know whether the war can be just or not, but I think the war is always cruel and indifferent to the fate of soldiers. Nevertheless, I am never giving in and I do not have much choice anyway since now I have either fight and win or lose.

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